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Sheila DeRose Designs specializes in designing quilting patterns that utilize Japanese fabric consistent with Japanese design principles and in harmony with Japanese aesthetics.  Designed for all skill levels, the quilt patterns are pieced or appliqué and often feature additional instruction for larger bed-sized quilts. 

For a little background on Japanese quilting, please visit our "about Japanese quilting" page.  

Please visit our gallery of patterns on the "patterns" page.
Sheila DeRose Designs
patterns are also sold in quilt shops which feature quality Japanese fabrics. Please use the "shop search" link to locate a quilt shop near you! If your quilt shop does not carry Sheila DeRose Designs patterns, please ask them to contact us!

Sheila DeRose teaches Japanese quilting and quilt design.  If you're interested in bringing her to your quilt guild or shop, please go to the "lectures" page.

With a valid resale license, please go to the "wholesale" page.

We welcome your comments and are delighted to hear from students and friends! Please use the "contact" page to let us know what's on your mind!

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The Art of Elegance Coming Soon
 Sheila DeRose Designs

Sheila's book launch of

The Art of Elegance

Sheila's insight into working with Japanese fabric.




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